Eventually, Zen begrudgingly accepts its relationships although not far it will make your ‘cringe’ observe Jumin thus lovey-dovey

Zen cannot bother to refer to help you E the next by the her full name, knowing complete better it annoys Jumin and it is the actual only real time that he is in a position to mark an effect about almost every other son

Out of all the professionals on RFA, Zen will get collectively least which have Jumin, exactly who the guy viewpoints as actually a great ‘trust fund jerk’ who was born that have a silver-spoon in the mouth, and you may believes you to definitely Jumin try a robotic person who simply cares to own their currency with his cat, E the third. Zen is frequently vital for the Jumin of his medication towards the Jaehee, disagreeing with how much Jumin https://www.rocketlawyer.net/refresh_assets/releases/1496702401627/img/seo-new-images/power-of-attorney-for-child.jpg” alt=”free lesbian hookup dating app”> performs their secretary despite Jaehee stating into the Jumin’s channel you to definitely Jumin’s work is higher than her very own. Right down to his hate towards Jumin, Zen tries to prevent your no matter what, making reference to him merely once the ‘jerk’ and complaining assuming Jumin gets in this new speak. Once the game is to begin with invest Korean, new MC is also point out exactly how Zen cannot cam when you look at the honorifics so you’re able to Jumin, which in Korean is a sign of value so you’re able to anybody earlier.

not, Zen’s animosity is not reciprocated and you will Jumin holds no hatred into the Zen, as well as observes your due to the fact a friend even after Zen’s procedures to your him and you may Jumin also delivers Zen bodyguards around likelihood of the fresh new hacker in the station. Jumin keeps longer model and you will sponsorships has the benefit of toward Zen several times, acknowledging their skill with his appears however, Zen keeps refuted him or her whenever, with the basic conference stop having Zen rejecting Jumin’s bring from a career. Its ideal bone out of contention arises from Zen’s hatred of kittens and Jumin’s fascination with her or him – have a tendency to, Jumin will send photographs of E the third on the talk comprehending that, great was Zen’s hypersensitive reactions, it does put Zen off and also heading as much as to create towards the pet towards early in the day party-making Zen’s allergic reactions act as much as a really high studies.

It is only in the Zen’s route do the two beginning to find eyes to attention; Jumin is but one to set up Zen and also the MC’s conference, putting some needed agreements to create the latest MC over to Zen’s household even with his very own individual trust that men and women is to not way of living together with her otherwise purchasing evening together ahead of relationship; simply at some point do Zen understand Jumin’s assist and gives from friendship, apologising for misdirecting his fury that he noticed towards his aunt to Jumin, to which additional son allows as soon as once again tends to make an enthusiastic provide of having Zen be the deal with away from a tea cup endeavor he or she is focusing on.

The 2 significantly conflict from inside the Jumin’s station, fighting a great deal more so than normal over Jumin’s actions having new MC stay in his penthouse; many times does Zen threaten Jumin so you can ‘release’ the newest MC, caution this new MC that Jumin is actually a man and that a monster hence she try not to trust him never to do anything.


Jaehee and Zen was best friends, having Jaehee including becoming a beneficial diehard lover regarding Zen, usually complimenting him toward their seems and fangirling over the selfies he seem to directs into the chats. Jaehee’s reliability just splits when to Zen and you may the woman is really defensive more than Zen along with his job, to the stage where she will punish this new MC if the she suspects new MC which have emotions getting Zen, whether or not the MC is in his channel or otherwise not; although not, their protectiveness is done out-of question to own Zen and you may his expanding dominance, being frightened one an effective scandal you will happen and you will become damaging his field.

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