6 factors Women Assume you are Gay

Back for the days whenever males were “men” and stone Hudson ended up being a paragon of heterolocal sex hookupuality, life was actually less complicated for direct guys. Today, with sex functions in a condition of flux and standard tips about manliness switched upside-down, everything is a lot more confusing, especially for females. 

Perform girls hold slotting you to the “friend” classification, despite your best attempts to attract them? Perhaps you’re providing them with the wrong impression. We questioned a random variety of females and gay columnist Richard Burnett supply you some straight responses. Listed here are six reasoned explanations why women might think you are homosexual.

1.You’re homophobic.

2. A Queer Eye.

Do spent longer for the mirror than your gf does? Can be your skin-care program more technical versus average cosmetologist’s? Perchance you would you like to dial it back merely an impression. I am talking about, the purpose of what preening is always to make your self more appealing to women, correct?

3. You are über-hetero.

4. You show insufficient interest.

On the one hand, ladies would like you is a gentleman and honor their particular limitations, but when you do, they make unwarranted presumptions regarding the sex. Would it be perplexing and most somewhat unfair? Yes, but no one mentioned intimate politics are not complex. The key is to find that fine line between playing it cool and generating unwelcome advances.

5. You are a gossip.

6. You react “gay.”

Maybe sooner or later, whenever most of the stigmas around homosexuality are a thing of history, straight men gets with each other to watch reruns and provide both cucumber facials while playing Barbra Streisand files. Or possibly perhaps not.

In the meantime, in spite of how positive you are in your sex, it never ever hurts to be familiar with the communications you are giving.